The secret of the perfect mattress

Pocket spring

The most purchased product in the high-quality range. Pocket spring core means that each spring is packed in a single bag and can also react individually. Due to different wire sizes, modern pocket spring mattresses are divided into zones as well as other designs. The advantage of the pocket spring core is definitely the good ventilation and perfect adaptation.

Cold foam

A basically simpler method of mattress processing. Foam mattresses

almost always have seven zones, which are created by cuts, material withdrawals or different layers. Due to special designs, the foam is also breathable and can adapt well to the body. Cold foam is often on the market because the production is easy and mattresses from 50 & can be offered. In the high-quality area, cold foam mattresses can almost approach the adaptability of pocket spring core.

Visco foam

Invented 25 years ago, Viscoschaum was originally used in the care sector for

pressure relieving lying used. When you could prove by sleep studies that

pressure-relieving lying for each person is important, won the Viscoschaum mattress at notoriety (for example also by the mark TEMPUR). It is now an integral part of the mattress industry. Depending on the system you have to pay attention to the ventilation and the unfamiliar feeling does not say to everyone. The pressure relief is excellent.


If latex, then as a 100% natural product. We advise against Mischlatex and offer with us only 100% natural latex. Latex is slightly outdated as a mattress material but still has many fans. Unfortunately, the breathability and adaptability are not as optimal as with the other materials.


The mother of today’s pocket spring core is hardly used today. It consists of a wide net without individual adjustment and offers little lying comfort. Today pocket spring core is only bought by two groups. The first group is the one that does not want to invest too much financially, the second group includes people who want to be extra tight. Here, spring core is the solution.

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