The appearance of your waterbed:

Your choice of waterbed will not depend primarily on how the bed looks, but on the quality of sleep, you are looking for. Of course, the eye wants something, too.

Waterbeds are available in five variants:

1. Freestanding basic waterbed

In a basic waterbed, the water mattress lies on a wooden platform in which the weight distributors are located. The pedestal can be optionally equipped with storage drawers. You can choose the pedestal color yourself. The bed can be supplemented as desired by a headboard and possibly bedside tables.

2. Built-in waterbed

A built-in waterbed is intended for placement in a separate remodeling or bedstead. The pedestal of a built-in waterbed is a bit higher. As a result, the upper split foam frame does not protrude out of the frame, so you can easily get the bed. The look can be made to your own taste or keep your old bed frame if this is the right height.

3. Luxury waterbed

A luxury waterbed is a soft side bed with a split frame that is padded all around. The split frames (also called insert strips) simplify bed making. You can simply put sheets, fitted sheet, and duvet in this frame. This does not mean that you need to lift the water mattress. Thanks to the split frame design, bed making is quick and easy.

4. per waterbed

Our Pro waterbed collection is characterized by its upholstery. A Pro waterbed is available in 14 colors. You have the choice between a fabric in leather or linen look. The underside is upholstered and you can order a bedside table set or a headboard in the matching color. Your waterbed with the choice of 14 colors, matching the style of your bedroom.

5. Waterbed in box spring looks

The box spring bed is one of the most popular bed frames. In a box-spring waterbed, the pedestal is reinforced and stands on legs, with the under frame as wide as the mattress. As a result, the bed looks more like a unit and is not externally distinguishable from a standard bed. The box spring platform is covered with fabric or leather in a color of your choice. Buy bed from