Lower Back Pain: What is it?

Low back pain can mean anything. From “normal” back pain over a herniated disc up to pelvic instability. Whatever form or cause you have, it’s all annoying conditions that cause discomfort to your lumbar spine. Most back pain will disappear automatically within a few weeks if you rest properly and watch your posture to relieve the spine. Regular exercise and certain exercises can also help relieve and prevent pain.

The fact that many people suffer from back pain is not surprising, bearing in mind that our lumbar spine is exposed to much more stress than our thoracic spine. Sitting, standing, walking and lying down: The lower five vertebrae of the back have to endure a lot. And indeed, even lying down, you can strain your lower spine too hard or wrong.

A bad mattress can even cause people who do not have back problems to suffer pain when they get up. For example, a bad or outdated mattress with coolers will make you sleep in a slumped position, causing you to still experience tensions on the spine.

Whatever the cause, a good mattress helps to relax at night and relieve discomfort.

Which mattress is most suitable for back pain?

Which mattress should you choose if you suffer from lower back pain? Of course, the ultimate mattress does not exist and a mattress is not a panacea that helps you to eliminate your back pain in one go. But a good mattress can ease your back pain.

Which mattress is best for you depend on several factors? Among other things, whether you sleep on your back or on the side. For side sleepers, it is important that the shoulders and hips can sink sufficiently into the mattress to sleep with the back in a natural position.

A slightly firmer mattress is often comfortable if you suffer from lower back pain. The strength prevents sagging of the mattress and ensures even pressure distribution. This reduces the risk of pressure pain in the hip and supports the weaker areas, such as the lumbar vertebrae. Your spine will not “sag” and quickly take on its most natural form (the “S-curve”) – good for your back and sleep.

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