How do you find the perfect mattress?

To find out which mattress really is the right one, good advice from certified sleep consultants is essential. However, this type of consultation can still be optimized if a meaningful measurement of the customers takes place.

How is the body measured?

In a cabin with two lying surfaces, it is precisely measured in the back and side position within seven minutes how the pressure points in the various lying positions affect the mattress and slatted frame. In the end, there is an expression, which shows not only the lying line but also the specification of the slate rock position.

A particularly important point is the specification of the perfect strength, so that the mattress optimally adapts to the body, without exerting pressure, but at the same time sufficiently supports.

Since there is no meaningful standard for degrees of hardness and all manufacturers have their own classification – in some cases 2, 3 or even 5 degrees of hardness – the measurement within the scope of a scale provides the correct strength.

How do you find the perfect mattress?

Now the sleep adviser comes back into play. Thanks to the measurement results, he can invite the customer directly to the right mattresses for test lying, regardless of the manufacturer.

This saves the customer time because he only gets really meaningful solutions presented. As a result of the measurement, the sleep consultants from the sleeping area now reach the desired destination much faster: the perfect mattress.

How much is a measurement for a new mattress?

A consultation does not cost us a cent. We are 100% sure that you will recognize the importance of an individual mattress very quickly. Even if you do not buy from us, you will not follow the recommendation after the measurement. This is already a success for you as a customer – a step in the right direction.

Conclusion for the measurement of the right mattress

Be measured and check for yourself whether an individual mattress is better than a single mattress. Take part in our test and receive as a thank you a high-quality travel pillow from us.

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