How do you find the perfect mattress?

To find out which mattress really is the right one, good advice from certified sleep consultants is essential. However, this type of consultation can still be optimized if a meaningful measurement of the customers takes place.

How is the body measured?

In a cabin with two lying surfaces, it is precisely measured in the back and side position within seven minutes how the pressure points in the various lying positions affect the mattress and slatted frame. In the end, there is an expression, which shows not only the lying line but also the specification of the slate rock position.

A particularly important point is the specification of the perfect strength, so that the mattress optimally adapts to the body, without exerting pressure, but at the same time sufficiently supports.

Since there is no meaningful standard for degrees of hardness and all manufacturers have their own classification – in some cases 2, 3 or even 5 degrees of hardness – the measurement within the scope of a scale provides the correct strength.

How do you find the perfect mattress?

Now the sleep adviser comes back into play. Thanks to the measurement results, he can invite the customer directly to the right mattresses for test lying, regardless of the manufacturer.

This saves the customer time because he only gets really meaningful solutions presented. As a result of the measurement, the sleep consultants from the sleeping area now reach the desired destination much faster: the perfect mattress.

How much is a measurement for a new mattress?

A consultation does not cost us a cent. We are 100% sure that you will recognize the importance of an individual mattress very quickly. Even if you do not buy from us, you will not follow the recommendation after the measurement. This is already a success for you as a customer – a step in the right direction.

Conclusion for the measurement of the right mattress

Be measured and check for yourself whether an individual mattress is better than a single mattress. Take part in our test and receive as a thank you a high-quality travel pillow from us.

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The secret of the perfect mattress

Pocket spring

The most purchased product in the high-quality range. Pocket spring core means that each spring is packed in a single bag and can also react individually. Due to different wire sizes, modern pocket spring mattresses are divided into zones as well as other designs. The advantage of the pocket spring core is definitely the good ventilation and perfect adaptation.

Cold foam

A basically simpler method of mattress processing. Foam mattresses

almost always have seven zones, which are created by cuts, material withdrawals or different layers. Due to special designs, the foam is also breathable and can adapt well to the body. Cold foam is often on the market because the production is easy and mattresses from 50 & can be offered. In the high-quality area, cold foam mattresses can almost approach the adaptability of pocket spring core.

Visco foam

Invented 25 years ago, Viscoschaum was originally used in the care sector for

pressure relieving lying used. When you could prove by sleep studies that

pressure-relieving lying for each person is important, won the Viscoschaum mattress at notoriety (for example also by the mark TEMPUR). It is now an integral part of the mattress industry. Depending on the system you have to pay attention to the ventilation and the unfamiliar feeling does not say to everyone. The pressure relief is excellent.


If latex, then as a 100% natural product. We advise against Mischlatex and offer with us only 100% natural latex. Latex is slightly outdated as a mattress material but still has many fans. Unfortunately, the breathability and adaptability are not as optimal as with the other materials.


The mother of today’s pocket spring core is hardly used today. It consists of a wide net without individual adjustment and offers little lying comfort. Today pocket spring core is only bought by two groups. The first group is the one that does not want to invest too much financially, the second group includes people who want to be extra tight. Here, spring core is the solution.

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The appearance of your waterbed:

Your choice of waterbed will not depend primarily on how the bed looks, but on the quality of sleep, you are looking for. Of course, the eye wants something, too.

Waterbeds are available in five variants:

1. Freestanding basic waterbed

In a basic waterbed, the water mattress lies on a wooden platform in which the weight distributors are located. The pedestal can be optionally equipped with storage drawers. You can choose the pedestal color yourself. The bed can be supplemented as desired by a headboard and possibly bedside tables.

2. Built-in waterbed

A built-in waterbed is intended for placement in a separate remodeling or bedstead. The pedestal of a built-in waterbed is a bit higher. As a result, the upper split foam frame does not protrude out of the frame, so you can easily get the bed. The look can be made to your own taste or keep your old bed frame if this is the right height.

3. Luxury waterbed

A luxury waterbed is a soft side bed with a split frame that is padded all around. The split frames (also called insert strips) simplify bed making. You can simply put sheets, fitted sheet, and duvet in this frame. This does not mean that you need to lift the water mattress. Thanks to the split frame design, bed making is quick and easy.

4. per waterbed

Our Pro waterbed collection is characterized by its upholstery. A Pro waterbed is available in 14 colors. You have the choice between a fabric in leather or linen look. The underside is upholstered and you can order a bedside table set or a headboard in the matching color. Your waterbed with the choice of 14 colors, matching the style of your bedroom.

5. Waterbed in box spring looks

The box spring bed is one of the most popular bed frames. In a box-spring waterbed, the pedestal is reinforced and stands on legs, with the under frame as wide as the mattress. As a result, the bed looks more like a unit and is not externally distinguishable from a standard bed. The box spring platform is covered with fabric or leather in a color of your choice. Buy bed from

Lower Back Pain: What is it?

Low back pain can mean anything. From “normal” back pain over a herniated disc up to pelvic instability. Whatever form or cause you have, it’s all annoying conditions that cause discomfort to your lumbar spine. Most back pain will disappear automatically within a few weeks if you rest properly and watch your posture to relieve the spine. Regular exercise and certain exercises can also help relieve and prevent pain.

The fact that many people suffer from back pain is not surprising, bearing in mind that our lumbar spine is exposed to much more stress than our thoracic spine. Sitting, standing, walking and lying down: The lower five vertebrae of the back have to endure a lot. And indeed, even lying down, you can strain your lower spine too hard or wrong.

A bad mattress can even cause people who do not have back problems to suffer pain when they get up. For example, a bad or outdated mattress with coolers will make you sleep in a slumped position, causing you to still experience tensions on the spine.

Whatever the cause, a good mattress helps to relax at night and relieve discomfort.

Which mattress is most suitable for back pain?

Which mattress should you choose if you suffer from lower back pain? Of course, the ultimate mattress does not exist and a mattress is not a panacea that helps you to eliminate your back pain in one go. But a good mattress can ease your back pain.

Which mattress is best for you depend on several factors? Among other things, whether you sleep on your back or on the side. For side sleepers, it is important that the shoulders and hips can sink sufficiently into the mattress to sleep with the back in a natural position.

A slightly firmer mattress is often comfortable if you suffer from lower back pain. The strength prevents sagging of the mattress and ensures even pressure distribution. This reduces the risk of pressure pain in the hip and supports the weaker areas, such as the lumbar vertebrae. Your spine will not “sag” and quickly take on its most natural form (the “S-curve”) – good for your back and sleep.

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Heat temperature: A major problem faced by heavy people!

One of the major problems faced by heavy people is about the heating temperature. The mattress which creates extra heat for overweight people due to huge pressure. It is a great problem to enjoy restful sleep during the night-time. In the day-time, very little or just a couple of two or three hours are spent on the mattress. During the night-time, sleeping hours begin which are more than just a couple of two or three hours.

Are you an overweight person who is not able to breathe properly with the overheat generated at night? The heavier people are likely to get a sink with the mattress foam. It is advised to pick up a firm mattress such as innerspring, hybrid, or coiled mattresses. The pressure created by the heavy body keeps in contact with the mattress. Ultimately, this leads to the creation of a huge amount of heat. Such humidity can lead to letting ventilation and restricts a mattress to serve the cooling impact.

Breathing problems arise due to overheat

If the mattress generates huge heat during the sleeping hours, it creates a problem for an individual to breathe properly. The ventilation is not supportive of the restful night. Without a firm surface, it is not possible to keep the heating temperature in a normal range. If there is warmth is the environment, then you won’t be able to sleep with extra heat on the mattress. Ultimately, this would result in creating a disturbance between your sleeping hours.

Foam mattress for absorbing heat 

It is a matter of fact that the firm mattresses are likely to absorb less amount of heat as compared to foam mattress models. The spring mattresses help to maintain a proper cooling temperature. So, if you’re an overweight person resting upon a traditional mattress, then it’s time for you to change the mattress. Nothing is more precious than your health. So, it is important for you to take measures in choosing a perfect mattress. You can look at a wide variety of sections on the Don’t waste your money in any wrong mattress.

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Toxic Vs Non-Toxic Mattress

Some experts say a human being spend one-third of his entire life in sleeping. Few people sleep on the toxic mattresses and few on the nontoxic mattress. Their health also varies with the variations of mattresses. It is very much risky for your health to sleep on non-toxic mattresses. Because they are made of chemicals and artificial materials. Whereas toxic mattresses are made of organic and natural raw materials like plants, cotton etc. Let us discuss which of them is better for you.

Pros and Cons

There are various pros and cons of toxic as well as non-toxic mattresses, rest decision on you. Basically, the mattress which we call toxic is made of artificial products. The foam, base as well as structure, everything is manufactured in the machines with the help of chemicals. These are not good for health because after some time they will make you sick. The toxic mattress is prone to attract bacteria, later which became the reason for sickness. But if we talk about money, these mattresses are cheaper than non-toxic ones. The non-toxic mattress is costly because they are made from all natural products. These mattresses are organic from base to foam. They are very safe and never attract bacteria towards them. These mattresses also recommended to patients by doctors. Toxic mattress also affect on the reproduction ability in women which can lead them to the disaster like situations.


The non-toxic mattress is good for people’s good health. But if someone can’t afford the costlier mattress then yes they can buy the toxic one. But before buying the toxic mattresses you must check for complete knowledge. However, both have advantages as well as disadvantages but both are good for sleeping we can say one is scientific and another is natural. Non-toxic mattresses are made by hand to maintain the originality as compared to toxic mattresses.

Wiser will buy toxic mattress because money is just a number, don’t play with your health. You can make money again but cannot revive your lost strength again easily. Don’t compromise with yours and your loved one’s health.